Posted by: trailsofivy | 04/15/2013

New blog

This is a new blog and still a work in progress. Please check back!

Posted by: trailsofivy | 04/15/2013


The first two posts I made had no option to change the typeface. Now suddenly the typeface has changed on my 3rd post. No, I guess that change di not hold! WHAT?! This site confuses me to no end. This site is basically doing only what it wants to do. I would prefer to set a permanent typeface, with bold and color and not have to set it with each and every post-is that so difficult WP?

Posted by: trailsofivy | 04/15/2013

WP is way too confusing…too many issues…

OK. I am sufficiently confused. I deleted an old blog on WP but the title still shows on WP. And then if anyone clicks on the title, a message appears that this blog was deleted by the author. Well then, why is the link still on WP?!



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